Cricket Trivia

Cricket Trivia 2.1

Put your cricket knowledge to the test


  • Four game modes
  • High scores table
  • Challenging questions


  • Basic presentations
  • Questions start to repeat fairly quickly


Cricket Trivia is an ideal timewaster for fans of the sport. The game consists of a series of cricket quizzes with questions covering mainly international teams, players and matches.

There are four different game modes in Cricket Trivia. Quick mode allows you to choose a set number of questions; time attack forces you to answer as many questions correctly before the time runs out; survival gives you a set number of lives; and endurance delivers unlimited questions until your get bored.

The questions in Cricket Trivia are all multiple choice, and they can get pretty difficult at times. For instance, would you know Shane Warne's career bowling average off the top of your head? After a while, the questions in Cricket Trivia do repeat themselves, so it gets easier if you have a good memory!

You should note that an Internet connection is required to play Cricket Trivia, because the game serves ads to you before each launch. Be careful if you don't have a data plan or you could end up spending a lot on connection charges.

Cricket Trivia is a very no-frills quiz game without any fancy graphics. However, it provides plenty of amusement (and frustration) for cricket fans.

Cricket Trivia


Cricket Trivia 2.1

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